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 Im a little Monkey
 Contact : Rosana Houthuesen 
August 11, 2014

The idea is to make the monkey go up and down the ladder and the child collects a small reward/treat each time the task is completed.

Cut out and paste the pieces onto the background, then you are ready..
Holding the picture up in front of the student, the parent moves the monkey up the ladder one rung at a time for each finger placement on the violin fingerboard.

Suggested treats could be; raisins, chocolate drops or similar to be eaten after the practice session. Home-made tokens could be collected towards a larger reward some time in the future perhaps.

Suitable for ages approx 4 6

Thank you to Marilyn OBoyle (I believe) for the Im a little Monkey poem, which Suzuki teachers around the world have used for many years.

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