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 Rhythm Tiles
 Contact : Rosana Houthuesen 
August 11, 2014

Picture shows rhythm tiles in use.
Each tile is sized proportionately according to the number of crotchet beats represented. Thus, four crotchets (quarter notes) fit onto (take up the same space as) one semi-breve (whole note). Four semi-quavers (sixteenth notes) fit onto one crotchet (quarter note). and so on.
- Children can play snap or pelmanism with tiles of the same size to speed up their recognition of rhythm patterns, vital for effective sight reading.
- Tiles can also be used as flash cards saying or clapping each one in turn.
- A ’string’ of tiles can be laid out and played on an instrument, or one or two used to make up rhythmic variations for familiar tunes already learned.

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